The mission of the attorneys at Stephens-Guthrie is to provide estate planning services to meet your individual needs and desires, so that you may achieve your unique wealth-transfer objectives in a manner consistent with your personal values.

In order to accomplish our mission, we will listen to you and seek to understand your individual needs and goals, recommend and effectively communicate appropriate estate planning strategies, draft appropriate documents, and assist you in implementing the recommended plan.

At Stephens-Guthrie, we are more than an “estate-planning boutique.” Our firm provides sophisticated estate planning services for the preservation and transfer of wealth. We provide high quality legal services in the areas of Wealth Transfer Planning, Estate Planning, Estate and Trust Controversies, Estate Administration, Business Succession Planning, and Charitable Planning. Our firm emphasizes personal attention and formulates custom plans to fit each client’s individual needs and goals. 


 Estate Planning


Cutting edge techniques to plan your legacy while keeping your family and financial and philosophical values in mind. Avoid taxes and protect assets.


 Asset Protection


Protect your assets from third party claims, lawsuits and divorce using property exemptions, trusts, marital agreements and family business entities.


 Estate Administration


Navigate the probate process including: valuing and collecting assets, addressing creditor claims, advising on tax issues and preparing estate tax returns, assisting with distribution of assets.


 Charitable Planning


Plan charitable gifts to maximize tax benefits and control by using private foundations, public charities and other non-profit entities.


Business Planning


Create and administer your business or family business entity to attain the desired control and tax treatment.

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